There are moments, when I think to myself, " tomorrow will be a stoneware day…" And as tomorrow sets in, I see my hands opening yet another bag of my white porcelain…

Obsessively, I wedge the smooth clay and feel it melt into the palms of my hands, anticipating my "just one more piece" before stoneware. The clay slowly centers on the wheel, almost motionless, the stillness of my movements chooses my path and I enter a silence that is oblivious to the noises of the city in my studio.

Glazed in a buttery slip, my hands lift and form in fluidity as the wheel fades. I am suspended "somewhere" as they explore and tease the symmetry of the piece; the base clenches the body of the pot, with escape ever lurking at the horizon; "my horizon" in this "my somewhere".

Clay embodies a deep and profound silence, and my ritual halts this naked existence as we come together becoming one with the earth... the world.

Nathalie Khayat, Dec 2010

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